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About Us

GLA Agricultural Electronics has been manufacturing fast, accurate and durable animal health thermometers in California since 1969 and in San Luis Obispo since 1988. GLA thermometers are designed to be dependable and accurate, even in the harshest of conditions. We have been a family-owned business for three generations.

GLA thermometers are used worldwide in feedlots, cow/calf operations, dairies, universities, pharmaceutical studies, zoos, and veterinary offices for large and small animals.

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By focusing on manufacturing one product, GLA ensures that its animal thermometers are the best available. We pride ourselves on producing a high-quality product, providing outstanding customer service and offering dedicated product support to all versions of our thermometers.

Every GLA thermometer is hand built in small batches using many components from small American vendors. Our vendors range from a local engineer, to wire company in Wyoming, a cable company in Massachusetts, an assembly house in Minnesota and a local machine shop. (For a list of the vendors we proudly use, please see “vendors” on the “About” page.)

GLA team members are always available to answer questions, regardless of when or where a GLA thermometer was purchased. Your telephone call or email will be answered by someone who has built and serviced most versions of our thermometers.

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